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Welcome to the world of immersive voice interaction between humans and AI beings. We empower Digital Employees with higher social skills to deliver a complex and truly engaging conversational experience.

Powerful AI brains

Real / Virtual

We are shifting the human-computer interaction paradigm by enabling Digital Personas and other animated characters to have genuine, layered conversations with humans using a synergy of world-class AI engineering, psychological research and linguistic expertise.

We deliver socially intelligent, context-aware conversational neural systems – for all kinds of solutions and domains where a personalized empathetic approach matters.

Digital Personas

PromethistAI's Digital Personas were created at the intersection of well-being and entertainment. The conversational AI brains, built with our cutting-edge technology, enable animated characters, avatars and other virtual beings to be more humanlike, socially skilled and better suited to people’s needs for communication, trust and comfort.

Digital Personas


Ease your mind.

Learn more about ElysaiTM or download app here

Our app ElysaiTM is a place where Digital Personas talk to people to ease their minds and help them enjoy their lives. People come to learn how to find satisfaction, talk freely about their everyday issues or just release tension and unwind. Here, anyone can openly share their feelings, get support and learn more about themselves.


Promethist Platform

Where Digital Personas are born.

All of our conversational AI brains are built in Promethist Platform, our original technological platform for the design and management of complex conversational applications. We developed it to be a tool powerful enough to bring our vision of Digital Personas to life. Now, it's available as a cloud service for anyone to use.

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Who we are

Similar to our technology, our team's strength lies in synergy. Our multidisciplinary team combines a variety of skillsets from conversational AI, application design and development, conversation design, linguistic and psychological domains.

Strength in Synergies

Klára Lorencová (CEO)
Klára (law degree) has spent 20+ years in business & leading law firms shaping strategies and facilitating change and innovation. She is a progressive thinker and a transformational leader with a strong understanding of the world of social and psychological phenomena.

Jakub Konrád (CPO)
Jakub is an expert on Human-Machine interaction and Conversational Artificial Intelligence. He is a passionate believer in Digital Personas. He was a member and since 2020 the leader of the Award Winning Team Alquist. He led the team to victory in Amazon Alexa Prize Grand Challenge 4.

Jan Pichl (CTO)
Jan is an AI expert focusing on pushing cutting-edge research results to production. He was the leader of team Alquist, which developed an award-winning conversational chatbot (Alexa Prize Grand Challenge). The team was also awarded the „best project of the year” in AI Awards 2018, and Jan was ranked in Czech Forbes' 30 under 30 in 2018.

Jan Šedivý (Senior Scientific Advisor)
Through his career on both sides of the Atlantic, Jan has risen to the top of AI engineering and computer science worldwide. He worked as an NLP engineer and research manager at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (USA) and as a Technical Lead Manager at Google (Switzerland). He holds 19 US patents. Jan has led the team to the finals in Amazon's Alexa Prize Grand Challenge 4 years in a row.

AI Research & Engineering Team
The members of the company's research team, graduates of the Czech Technical University, have earned recurring success in Amazon's Alexa Prize international competition where they took medal positions for three consecutive years (2018-2020) until they became the winners in 2021, outcompeting over 200 top universities from around the world, e.g., Emory, USC, Carnegie Mellon, CAL Berkeley, Stanford, etc.

SW Engineering Team
Our software engineers give our products forms that let users enjoy them to the fullest. They transform our complex technology into easy-to-use, engaging interfaces, and make sure that everything runs smoothly from backend to frontend. With years of experience in software architecture and engineering, their skill, perseverance and constant readiness, they are an essential part of the PromethistAI team.

We are proud to have a number of psychology experts from the National Institute of Mental Health Czech Republic on our team. Each of them specializes in a particular domain and together they make sure that our Digital Personas are socially responsible and that they understand human emotions and communicate in a way that is appropriate to the user's situation and based on the cognitive behavioral therapy approach.

Linguists and UX designers
What would a Conversational AI company be without linguists? They are responsible for all the content in the apps. Not only do they ensure that the Digital Personas speak grammatically correctly, but they also orchestrate the complex structures of the conversations, which are the backbones of our products. On top of that, they make the interactions with Digital Personas engaging, informative, pleasant, and fun.

Join us on our journey

Do you want to form the future of interaction between humans and Digital Personas? We'd love to hear from you!

We embrace the opportunity to work with:

  • AI and NLP researchers, computational linguists,
  • coders and other IT professionals,
  • digital product development specialists,
  • copywriters and other creatives,
  • psychologists, therapists,
  • marketing, sales, community management specialists.

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Join us on our journey

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