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Flowstorm is a conversational AI technology that talks and listens to sufferers of depression, mental disability, or those just feeling alone. Users enjoy conversational versions of reminiscence and cognitive behavioral therapy and memory exercises: helping mitigate caregiver burden, establish healthy daily routines, and reduce unnecessary behavioral disturbances.

Our mission is to create socially interactive bots that express and perceive personal emotions so that they may establish relationships and assist the elderly and mentally disadvantaged.

A bot that companions the user, encouraging them to stay in a positive, active mood. A bot that's behavior and personality can be tailored by the caregiver to improve the end-user's self-sufficiency while better establishing daily routines.

Hey, John.
How do you feel today?

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Coming from various fields with a variety of complementary skillsets, our team has years of experience in application design and development and a true passion for Conversational AI. In addition to technical excellence, we also work hand-in-hand with world-class writers, linguists, and creative designers.

More about founders

Jan Šedivý with 18 years of industry experience, has returned to CTU, CIIRC, where he leads the NLP group (which placed second two years in a row in the Amazon Alexa Prize with the social bot, Alquist). Now, his vision is to take the very best from Alquist and apply it to a social bot that helps the mentally disadvantaged. Jan worked at Google (2008-2010) as a Technical Lead Manager and was a staff member and research manager at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (1992-2008). Ever dedicated to the advancement of AI, ML, NLP, and Conversational AI, Jan has led several worldwide research and development projects and holds 19 US patents.

Tomáš Zajíček started his career in graphic design and game programming. Spending more than 20 years in digital services as a solution architect, development, and a technical operations leader, Tomáš primarily worked for larger businesses. Passionate about #devops and digital gadgets, Tomáš decided to change the course of his professional life by joining Jan, helping him fulfill the vision of bringing Flowstorm to life.


Brainquist is the Flowstorm bot. Designed for people with cognitive problems, disorders, or diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Overcoming age-related reductions in cognitive capabilities, diseases, and disorders is the major challenge of our time. Our mission is to bring light and fun into the lives of those facing these debilitating and difficult cognitive issues.

Brainquist prorotype

We start our user testing program with this model 1


Memory exercises

Caregivers can select and customize settings for a user's specific needs from a variety of exercises and dialogues.

Daily routines

Reminders of recurring daily activities with verification of their results.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Our dialogue-based version of CBT features a series of dialogs and exercises designed to keep users in a positive mood and emotionally stable.

Basic dialogues

Small talk and fun facts to spice up boring days.


Consumers want interesting and entertaining applications. Our newly invented conversational content development approach allows our linguists and writers to quickly create and test highly engaging content.

Our unique authoring tools and runtime components take full advantage of various NLP technologies: suggesting alternatives, summarizing content, scraping the internet, and accessing knowledge databases.

Additionally, we rely on sub-dialogues which serve as templates for frequently repeated conversational situations. These techniques and tools help us make the development and operation process of conversational apps faster and more effective. All of this is embedded into one unique conversational platform available as a cloud service.

Flowstorm platform prorotype

We start develop our platform


Visual designer

Dialogue models are designed by our unique visual design tool. Offering basic conversation building blocks, complex reusable sub-dialogues, and an embedded web client. This allows for immediate testing and debugging of dialogue step by step with available settings on behalf of any user. The tool also supports audiovisual content to enrich bot responses with pictures, music, snippets, or even videos and animations; taking voice-driven communication to the next level.

Dialogue scripting

Our dialogue model can be extended using our DSL scripting language, DialogueScript. Embed various conversation decision-making algorithms while utilizing all user context data, including mentioned entities, data identified in previous reactions, and information stored in long-term user context (bot’s memory). All of which can be combined with entities from connected knowledge databases.

Conversation analytics

When it comes to designing entertaining applications, it's crucial to analyze every human interaction in detail. Therefore, we strongly support implicit as well as customizable metrics, covering different parts of the dialogues and visualizing their runtime. These metrics help us improve application settings, modifying the conversation design to enhance both user experience and results.

Common distribution system

Our platform's distribution system is capable of targeting conversational apps created or consumed by various organizations, specific user groups, and even individuals with custom settings. This distribution system separates content from the specifics of any particular platform such as Google Assistant or Alexa.

Multi-channel experience

Flowstorm provides conversational experience from a variety of channels capable of conversational interaction. These include web, Intelligent Voice Assistant (IVA), platforms (Alexa, Google Assistant), mobile and wearable platforms (Apple, Google Android), and even custom device types.

We are

At PromethistAI, we embrace the opportunity to work with IT, psychological, and linguistic specialists who are committed to making our shared vision a reality in the very near future! If any of the jobs on the link below suits you, please contact us. We'd love to have you onboard soon!