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Promethist is a conversational AI technology capable to listen and talk to all those who feel alone, have depression or mental disabilities. Its users can enjoy conversational versions of reminiscence and cognitive behavioral therapy, memory exercises, etc. It helps to reduce the caregiver burden by helping to establish a regular daily routine, decreasing the behavioral disturbances.

Our vision is to deliver socially interactive bots capable of expressing and perceiving personal emotions. Our current mission is to create a bot that will be able to establish social relationships and assist the elderly and mentally disadvantaged people. A bot that will become a companion for the users, encouraging them to stay active and in a good mood. A bot that will help family members and caregivers by being able to tailor certain aspects of its behavior and personality to support daily routines and a self-sufficient life of the end-users. A bot powered by our technology Promethist, named after the mythical figure Prometheus, who once brought light, warmth and hope to mankind living in darkness.

Hey, John.
How do you feel today?

we are

We are a group of ambitious and talented individuals with a passion for Conversational AI. We come from different fields with complementary professional skills. Together, we have years of experience with Conversational AI and application design and development. On top of technical excellence, we have a great group of writers, linguists, and creative designers.

More about founders

Jan Šedivý has, after 18 years of experience in the industry, returned to CTU, CIIRC, where he leads the NLP group placing second twice in a row in the Amazon Alexa Prize with a social bot Alquist. His vision is returning to society by converting the very best of Alquist to a social bot for mentally disadvantaged persons. He has worked at Google (2008-2010) as a Technical Lead Manager. He was a research staff member and research manager IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (1992-2008). He has been leading many worldwide research and development projects. He holds 19 US patents. His interests are AI, ML, NLP, Conversational AI.

Tomáš Zajíček originally started his career with graphical design and programming games and spent more than 20 years in digital services working as solution architect, development and technical operations leader mainly for larger businesses, passionate about all the #devops stuff and digital gadgets, decided to change the way of his professional life by joining Jan in helping him build a team and a company fulfilling his vision.


Brainquist is the Promethist bot designed for people with cognitive problems, disorders, or even diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Age-related decrease in cognitive capabilities, cognitive diseases and disorders are the major challenges of our time. Our mission is to bring light and fun into the lives of people facing cognitive problems, disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.

Brainquist prorotype

We start our user testing program with this model 1


Memory exercises

Caregivers can select and customize settings for specific users from a variety of already available exercises and dialogues.

Daily routines

Reminders of recurring daily activities with verification of their results.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A dialog-based version of CBT with a series of dialogs and exercises helping to keep in a good mood and stay emotionally stable.

Basic dialogues

Small talk and fun facts to spice up boring days.


Consumers appreciate interesting and entertaining applications. Our team has invented a new conversational content development approach, allowing our team of linguists and writers to create and test exciting and engaging content fast.

Our set of unique authoring tools and runtime components takes advantage of various NLP technologies, suggesting alternatives, summarizing content, scraping the internet, accessing knowledge databases etc. We also rely on sub-dialogues serving as templates for frequently repeating conversational situations. All these techniques and tools are helping us to make the development and operation process of conversational apps effective and fast. We have embedded all of this stuff into our unique conversational platform available as a cloud service.

Promethist.AI platform prorotype

We start develop our platform


Visual designer

Dialogue models are designed by our unique visual design tool offering basic conversation building blocks as well as complex reusable sub-dialogues plus embedded web client allowing to immediately test and debug any dialogue step by step with all available settings on behalf of any user. The tool also supports the use of audiovisual content to enrich bot responses with pictures, music, snippets or even videos and animations to bring voice-driven communication to the next level.

Dialogue scripting

Our dialogue model can be extended using DSL scripting language we call DialogueScript, embedding various conversation decision making algorithms while utilizing all known user context data, including mentioned entities and other data identified in previous reactions as well as information stored in long-term user context (“bot’s memory”) which can be combined with entities from connected knowledge databases.

Conversation analytics

When it comes to designing entertaining applications, it is necessary to be able to analyse every human interaction in detail. Therefore, we have strong support for both implicit and customizable metrics covering different parts of the dialogues and visualising them runtime. These metrics can help us change application settings and modify the conversation design to improve user experience and results.

Common distribution system

The platform contains a distribution system capable of targeting conversational apps created or consumed by different organizations to specific user groups or even individuals with custom settings. This distribution system separates content from the specifics of any specific platform like Google Assistant or Alexa.

Multi-channel experience

Promethist can provide conversational experience via many different channels capable of conversational interaction such as web, Intelligent Voice Assistant (IVA) platforms (Alexa, Google Assistant), mobile and wearable platforms (Apple, Google Android) and even custom device types.

We are

We are open for cooperation with IT, psychological and linguistic specialists who feel that they can do more - commit to bringing our shared vision into reality of the very near future! If any of the jobs on the link below suits you please contact us - we need to have you onboard soon.