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At PromethistAI, we want to help people live with more satisfaction and meaningful connection. Our AI-powered digital personas will help us cope with everyday difficulties such as relationship problems, workplace challenges, or loneliness. They will offer support for building and maintaining healthy relationships, achieving our goals, fulfilling our potentials, and establishing healthy patterns of thinking, behavior, and interaction.

We want to create a hybrid community where digital personas will talk to humans to boost their well-being and connect users with similar interests and issues so that they can support each other. Various digital personas with individual personalities and skills will be able to provide users with different kinds of support and healthy entertainment.

However, digital personas do not have to be focused solely on issues concerning mental well-being. They can be oriented towards various tasks. Imagine a future where human-like personas handle all your voice assistance needs.

Our platform for the development of digital personas combines the best of two worlds: AI and human creativity. We use state-of-the-art algorithms from the AI world to process the ambiguous human language and drive the conversation. At the same time, human creativity is used to fine-tune the interaction and deliver the best user experience using AI-driven dialogue.

Hey, John.
How do you feel today?

we are

PromethistAI is a Deep Technology company with its core competency in the area of Conversational AI applied to the domain of mental well-being.

From the beginning, the strategy of PromethistAI has been to manage the complexity of our task by having an interdisciplinary team on board and systematically developing our know-how.

Coming from various fields with a variety of complementary skillsets, our team has years of experience in application design and development and a true passion for Conversational AI. In addition to technical excellence, we also work hand-in-hand with world-class linguists and creative designers.

More about the team

Jan Šedivý
Jan worked as researcher and research manager at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (USA) and as Technical Lead Manager at Google (Switzerland). He has led various worldwide research and development projects. He holds 19 US patents. Jan has led our AI research team to the finals in Amazon Alexa Prize Grand Challenge 4 years in a row.

Klára Lorencová
Klára has spent 20+ years in business & leading law firms assisting businesses and entrepreneurs with strategy and business development.

Tomáš Zajíček
Tomáš has 20+ years of experience in digital services working as solutions architect, development and technical operations leader (mainly for larger businesses). He is passionate about all things DevOps and digital gadgets.

AI Research Team
The members of the company’s research team, graduates of the Czech Technical University, have earned recurring success in Amazon's Alexa Prize international competition where they took medal positions for three consecutive years (2018-2020) until they became the winners in 2021, outcompeting over 200 top universities from around the world, e.g., Emory, USC, Carnegie Mellon, CAL Berkeley, Stanford, etc.

We are proud to have a number of psychology experts from the National Institute of Mental Health Czech Republic on our team. Each of them specializes in a particular domain and together they make sure that our digital personas understand human emotions and communicate in a way that is appropriate to the situation and based on the cognitive behavioral therapy approach.

Linguists and UX designers
What would a Conversational AI company be without linguists? They are responsible for all the content of the apps. Not only do they ensure that the digital personas speak grammatically correctly, but they also orchestrate the complex structures of the conversations, which are the backbones of our products. On top of that, they make the interactions with digital personas engaging, informative, pleasant, and fun.

Developing digital personas is made possible by our in-house built technological platform.

The Flowstorm platform is a set of SaaS development tools and software components for creating digital personas and smart conversational & multimodal AI applications.

Our unique authoring tools and runtime components take full advantage of various NLP technologies: suggesting alternatives, summarizing content, scraping the internet, and accessing knowledge databases.

Additionally, we rely on sub-dialogues which serve as templates for frequently repeated conversational situations. These techniques and tools help us make the development and operation process of conversational apps faster and more effective. All of this is embedded into one unique conversational platform available as a cloud service.


Flowstorm platform prorotype

Poppy is the first digital persona who truly cares how you feel.

Our pilot digital persona Poppy is available as the app TalkToPoppy! She has been helping people around the world with their well-being since the app’s launch in early summer 2021, as the result of the endeavor of our interdisciplinary team of researchers, programmers, psychologists, and linguists.

The prototype of TalkToPoppy! is based on the conversation with the virtual mental well-being assistant Poppy and her friends, other digital personas, who help users orientate themselves in their own feelings and better understand how emotions work. This method is grounded in scientific research in the field of psychology and it is aimed at improving the mental state. The concept is based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy by an expert team of psychologists and therapists.

Talk To Poppy!

Talk to poppy

We are hiring

Do you love the idea of forming the future of interaction between humans and digital personas? We are excited to have you as part of our team, join us on our journey!

At PromethistAI, we embrace the opportunity to work with AI and NLP researchers, coders and other IT professionals, digital product development specialists, linguists, copywriters and other creatives, psychologists, therapists, marketing, sales, community management specialists who are committed to making our shared vision a reality in the very near future! If you're interested, don't hesitate to get in touch at [email protected].